MEGA COLOSSUS – Hyperglaive

MEGA COLOSSUS – Hyperglaive
Killer Metal Records
Released Year:
1. Sunsword2. Sea Of Stars3. Gods And Demons4. The Judge5. Betta Master6. Behold The Worm7. You Died8. Star Wranglers

So what do we have here? I seems that Colossus got an upgrade and now they are Mega Colossus. However this changes nothing since the band only added the Mega part in order not to be confused with other bands with the same moniker. The music stays the same. And should anyone ask M.C. come from North Carolina U.S.A and they have released a full length album back in 2008 (with the intriguing title “….and the rift of the pan-dimensional undergods”) and two e.p. all of them now available from Killer Metal records along with the new album.

Now lets get on with the music shall we? Well M.C. somwhow manage to filter both their European and American metal influences and i consider them to be one of the few bands nowadays that they have actually managed to have a totaly personal sound. Galloping riffs together with soaring guitar leads and crystal clear vocals mix with good songwriting and a couple of memorable choruses all of them inspired (not copied) from the 80s metal scene, especially bands like Iron Maiden, Metal Church, Armored Saint, Satan, Blitzkried, Brokas Helm and a touch of Slough Feg (“Traveller” era) and Thin Lizzy.

As i mentioned before the songwriting is quite memorable. Songs like “Sea of stars” (my favorite), “The Betta Master”, “The judge” tend to stray from the typical verse-bridge-chorus since they display interesting complicated rhythm variatons (not the ones associated with prog metal, just saying), while “Sunsword” and “You died” are more straight forward. Add some interesting weird song titles inspired by fantasy literature, for example “Sea of stars” is the title of a Fritz Leiber Lankhmar story (M.C. have always been into fantasy literature much deeper than other bands of the same kind) and a really bizarre album cover and here it is: eccentric, genuine, heavy metal for all the 80s metal maniacs out there.

Don’t miss this album, this is quality stuff!

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