MIDAS – Midas

MIDAS – Midas
No Remorse Records
Released Year:
1. Slaves To The Night2. Nobody Gets Out Alive3. Hellfire4. Break The Chains5. Eyes In The Cold6. Hell Has Frozen Over7. Running Scared8. Golden Chariots

After the 2020 β€œDemo Tapes” compilation, a lot of people were expecting the debut album of MIDAS, the new heavy metal/hard rock band from Detroit. That compilation presented the demo works of the band, balancing between NWOBHM and early IRON MAIDEN with 80s hard rock elements and an epic feeling that resembled sometimes Swedish 80s heavy metal.

The band does not go very far away from that sound, and so its self-titled album is like THIN LIZZY met IRON MAIDEN during their β€œKillers” period and all together they perform HEAVY LOAD songs. If this description sounds interesting to some fans, MIDAS first album will leave them quite satisfied.

A first observation is that, even though the tracks could be described as 50% heavy metal and 50% NWOBHM/hard rock, some tracks are closer to heavy metal, while the rest are closer to hard rock. Those who prefer the metal side of the band will like β€œGolden Chariots” very much. It is a traditional/old-school heavy metal track with great guitar melodies and vocals. Surely, one of the best songs of the band until now.

β€œEyes in the Cold” is another great metal song, very close to the HEAVY LOAD aspect of the band we described above. It has a purely 80s epic and galloping feeling that the fans will love. Also, β€œSlaves to the Night”, is a nice and catchy song, like an unknown single from β€œThe Number of the Beast”.

On the other hand, the rest of the material follows the β€œhard-rock” road; β€œRunning Scared” is the speediest song of the album, β€œNobody Gets Out Alive” seems like an unofficial tribute to Phil Lynott and in general MIDAS through these tracks shows us that we are not talking about a typical NWOTHM band, but a band with deeper roots in rock music. Note that β€œBreak the Chains” is perhaps the best of these songs, with amazing melodies.

MIDAS first album will leave a lot of fans satisfied, from those whose musical taste is closer to 70s/80s hard rock, to those who prefer the classic metal/NWOBHM/Swedish scene of the early 80s. Some tracks are very good, and the album will be a nice choice for someone who liked the demo/compilation work and wanted more material from the band.

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