Mind's Eye - Darkly Wise

MIND'S EYE - Darkly Wise

Label: Arkeyn Steel Records
Released Year: 2018
Type: Full-length


  1. Arrival
  2. October Queen
  3. Within The Mind's Eye
  4. Storm Rising
  5. Endless Rain
  6. So Long (My Love)
  7. Kill Aphrodite
  8. What I Can't See
  9. Fallen Trees
  10. Master Of The Game
  11. Darkly Wise
  12. Shadowplay/Unveiled
  13. Curtains Will Fall
  14. The Witching Hour
  15. Deus Ex Machina
  16. The Intruder

What we’re dealing here is Melodic / Heavy / Power Metal at its best. And yes, their music should be a subject for discussion for everyone into the just mentioned genres and not only to those trying to find a copy of their two out-of-print releases.

I am basically referring to the “The Witching Hour” demo tape (release back in 1991) and the “Darkly Wise”, LP/Tape (1992). Well for the first time everything that this magnificent band has recorded is available on CD.

Yes the hunt is finally over.

What will catch your attention from the very first hearing of “Darkly Wise” is the excellent songwriting skills of the band. Real songs and not fillers tracks, songs that are based on explosive guitar riffs that represent the band’s classic Heavy Metal roots. Excellent vocals and a solid rhythm section take the band’s music to the next level and straight to the Power Metal universe. This combination alone is what makes this band really special at the very end. Classic Heavy Metal combined with Power Metal and if I’m allowed to comment, I can clearly sense a slight Progressive vibe in the air.

Lead guitar parts is another very strong feature of the album. Much more melodic, powerful and interesting than you average next door lead guitar filler.

While listening to the band’s material again after so many years, the usual question kept popping into my mind: “They got magnificent music, they could have been bigger. So what did go wrong?”. Well, as you may understand, this is a very long and complex topic to discuss and expand in the short space of a music review. The important part of the story is the fact this great music is available again, thanks to Arkeyn Steel Records.

Everyone into Melodic US steel go out and check this release. You will never regret it.