GRENDEL'S SYSTER – Myrtle Wreath / Myrtenkranz

GRENDEL'S SYSTER – Myrtle Wreath / Myrtenkranz
Released Year:
1. Agnicayana (Intro)2. Vishnu's Third Stride3. Little Wildling Bird4. Entoptic Petroglyphs Winnowing the Chaff Count and Nun5. Indra's Jewelled Net6. Cairns7. Agnicayana (Intro) Vishnus Dritter Schritt8. Wildvögelein9. Entoptische Petroglyphen10. Worfelschwung11. Graf und Nonne12. Indras Juwelennetz13. Steinmännlein

Let me ask you something. Do you miss the days when SLOUGH FEG played folk infused Epic Metal? Do you like the European Folk / Pscych movement that bloomed in the late 60s and early 70s? Do you even wet yourself at the thought of the more up-tempo moments of new underground darlings SMOULDER?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then GRENDEL’S SYSTER is the band for you!

Hailing from Germany, this trio has released their second ep last year, and the results are amazing.

GRENDEL’S SYSTER play a (mostly) mid tempo kind of geeky, fairytale-like Epic Metal with a VERY strong folk influence and down to earth but tuneful female vocals that evoke those 70s Pscych / Folk vibes.

The riffing is mostly kept simple, providing the harmonic background for the stellar vocal melodies. The leads on the other hand are ever-present and playing what can only be characterised as European (German?) folk melodies. Really tasty stuff.

As I already mentioned in the opening, they mostly reminded me of early SLOUGH FEG, or a more up-tempo version of SMOULDER, but that is a very general comparison and they are by no means copycats. The inspired and quite personal style of songwriting takes care of that.

Their connection to their German folk roots is further enhanced by the fact that two of the songs (“Little Wildling Bird” and “Count and Nun”) are, in essence, electrified, epic-metalised versions of traditional German folk songs and it really shows, in a very good way. A match made in heaven!

The songs on this EP, come in both English and German versions, and from what I can tell by their English incarnations, the lyrics are very intelligently written. Unless I am sorely mistaken, they are mostly faithful translations of their German counterparts which is quite an impressive feat. If I was pressed to choose though, I would say that I prefer the German versions a bit better. They really enhance that medieval, European vibe.

In conclusion, this is a stellar release by a unique band that will more than scratch your itch for epic, folky metal. Give it a go, I believe their inspired songwriting will have you returning for many many spins. It certainly has done that for this reviewer!

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Here is our radio show, featuring a track from the EP:

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