MYSTERY (CA) – Lies And Butterflies

MYSTERY (CA) – Lies And Butterflies
Unicorn Digital Inc.
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1. Looking for something else2. Come to me3. How do you feel4. Something to believe5. Dare to dream6. Where dreams come alive7. Chrysalis 49:12 - 1:04:20

Just to get it of my chest from the very beginning, this release already ranks pretty highΒ on my “Best Albums of 2018” list. It’s not that I ever expected the Canadian neo-progsters to disappoint me, but a confirmation is always nice. AndΒ “Lies And Butterflies”Β does just that..

What we got with this release is one of the kind, magnificent neo-progressive album. The excellent songwriting is still the most important feature into the case of this band. Yes they still deliver complete and inspired compositions; songs full of details for the listener to discover, songs full of themes and parts mixed together in a very unique way.

If you’re searching for meaningless reoccurring musical themes, soulless loops or “minimal” pseudotrippy sound expansions, this is not a band for you. Here we’re dealing with real music. Each and every theme, each and part of each and every song carries its own dynamic. Each and every piece of this musical puzzle is combined together in order for the listener to experience a fabulous musical journey.

Open soul, your eyes and your ears, and actually FEEL the music that is contained in this masterpiece. You will discover a great lyrical universe of sounds and melodies. And I guess that this was the band’s main point form day zero: to deliver lyrical music that would stick in your mind and resonate with your. You only need to focus and pay attention! You will be able to discover so many treasures under the orchestration of each and every song. Multiple melodies, hidden themes and many more. Simple greatness.

Michel St-PΓ¨re,Β who is the spiritual father and the main composer of this band, has put once again all of his soul into the music. Same goes for the vocals of Jean Pageau. This is the second MYSTERY album that he marks with his magnificent voice and the result is excellent. So I guess that the word “newcomer” is not the most suitable for him anymore.

I have to add that the album includes one of the best progressive compositions I have heard in a very long time. A seventeen-minute long magnum opus that really stroke a chord with me. I won’t describe anything else about it, I just advise you to go and do your homework. I will do the same. For one more time.

MYSTERY are back with a fantastic album. Go out there and check it.

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