ACHELOUS – Northern Winds

ACHELOUS – Northern Winds
Released Year:
1. Northern Winds2. The River God3. Macedon (live)4. Myrmidons (live)5. Warriors with Wings (live)

In case you missed it, ACHELOUS are home straight in releasing their new album entitled “The Icewind Chronicles” and inspired by the “Icewind Dale” fantasy novel series. However, the band decided to celebrate their tenth anniversary, releasing the “Northern Winds” EP.

“Nothern Winds” offers a delightful taste of what should we expect from the new album. A mid-tempo, epic six-minute song with a couple of tonal variations (acoustic / slow intro that progresses into a slow doomy hitter) that really manages to highlight the band’s potentials. Indeed, the band shows sings of true evolution without distancing themselves from the classic GRAVE DIGGER / ACCEPT style that dominated the first album. It somehow reminded me of the “Cold winds…”, the title track from the band’s first EP, as if it is a distant cousin of some sort.

“The River God” track is somehow a sleeper. Friends of the band should recognize it from their demo era, it is presented again in this EP without losing its original vibe: epic introduction that culminates into a galloping rhythmic song. Quite interesting, I must say, since I spotted some ARRAYAN PATH influences in this one, which I think make the band’s sound more interesting.

The CD also includes live versions of the three songs above: “Macedon” from the “Macedon” album’s release live party in 2018, “Myrmidons” from their live performance in Malta doom festival in 2012 and “Warriors With Wings” recorded in Kyttero club when the band played live alongside with BATTLEROAR.

Overall, “Northern Winds” is an EP created not only for the bands audience, but for all those who want a taste of the bands past and future.

You can see the discussion about the EP on our forum pages.


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