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1. Resistance - instrumental2. Struggle3. Faultline4. Beyond the Perceived5. Devil in the Details6. The Answer Will Come7. R.I.S.E.8. Moving Mountains9. Go Down Fighting10. Turbulence11. Opportunity Knocks12. Friendly (Re) Fire

PSYCHOPRISM is a band from New Jersey and New York and a very interesting case in the power/progressive metal field. They appeared in 2014 with the Bloodlines EP, and two years later they released their debut LP, Creation. Back then, the sound of the band was successfully described as a mixture of European and American power/progressive metal. Perhaps somewhere between STRATOVARIUS, KAMELOT and SYMPHONY X with vocals not very far away from the Geoff Tate school.

The style of the band did not go unnoticed, and now PSYCHOPRISM releases its second full-length album called R.I.S.E. The style hasn’t changed completely, but the QUEENSRYCHE-like melodies are now more evident than 5 years ago in the first album.  In general, it seems that the band is in a very crucial step of its career since all these influences have started to adjust and shape in the form of a personal style that will help the band significantly to establish itself in the field.

R.I.S.E.  is a very rich power metal album. The first 3 songs (counting from “Struggle” since “Resistance” is an intro) are close to the philosophy of the first album.  Speedy, anthemic and up-tempo melodic power metal with great guitar and keyboard melodies. “Moving Mountains” is also among the highlights of the album, captivating the listener easily with its energy and the powerful vocals of Jess Rittgers, who adds a dramatic tone even in the speedier parts.

We also observe the change we mentioned above, as in some songs the band presents its more melodic face. “The Answer Will Come”, “R.I.S.E”., and “Devil in the Details” are very beautiful tracks with an intense QUEENSRYCHE feeling. Some fans who prefer this sound and not the speedy power metal songs, will like these tracks a lot.

PSYCHOPRISM’s second album is a very good power metal album which combines many features from the European school, as well as the American one. It has many songs, the majority of whom is of very high-quality. The fans of STRATOVARIUS, RHAPSODY, or TIME MACHINE from the Euro-power metal side, as well as those who like QUEENSRYCHE and KAMELOT from the US field, should check this release, as it has many chances to be the album of the year for them.

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