IMAGE BEYOND – Reflection in Time

IMAGE BEYOND – Reflection in Time
Death Rider Records
Released Year:
1. Foreshadowed Dreams2. Mechanism3. Intruding Silence4. New Expressions5. Missing Time6. Imagine Why7. Dare to Dream8. Majestic Visions9. Descent (live)10. Imagine Why (live)11. Intruding Silence (live)12. Escape (live)13. Interface (live)14. New Expressions (rehearsal)15. 04 Missing Time (rehearsal)

IMAGE BEYOND from Connecticut, USA should be on the radar of all those die hard explorers of the 90s US Prog Metal underground. Their same titled demo tape from 1996 was a cool addition on the most up to date tape trading lists of the era, as it included three excellent pieces of melodic keyboard driven prog metal.

Band’s line up features drummer Steve Zimmerman -who recorded the first four legendary albums FATES WARNING full lengths-, together with singer Brian Betterton, guitarists Tommy Blardo and Brett Betterton, bassist Wayne Parr and Bob Bryk on keyboards, who unfortunately passed away on September 26, 2023.

What we have here is a compilation released on Death Rider Records, that includes practically everything that the band has recorded during the 90s. This particular release also marks the band’s re-activation as they are back together working on new material.

Steve Zimmerman actually discovered an old tape including never-released tracks as well as other recordings that were captured with only one microphone in the band’s rehearsal place. So the listener can explore a variety of unreleased studio recordings plus some live and rehearsal tunes that highlight the musical excellence of this amazing band:

I was quite excited listening to the unreleased material as it presents an even more technical version of the band’s music compared to the three tunes familiar from the demo tape. Those studio recordings were done during the same time period as the three tunes that were finally selected for the original demoΒ  -“Missing Time”, “Intruding Silence”, “New Expressions”- and they present the overall artistic vision of the band.

The keyboards are a quite important factor to the music of IMAGE BEYOND as they are generating a remarkable melodic basis to each and every song. From this starting point that listener can witness a variety of riffs and melodies sometimes more mysterious and ethereal and sometimes more boosted and technical. The vocals are excellent and the overall songwriting checks all the boxes of our US Prog high standards.

Those who closely follow the 90s US Prog Metal genre would discover many key references to the musical frame of this 90s movement, however I have to admit that IMAGE BEYOND’s style has a strong personality of its own.

Band like ION VEIN, DIVINE REGALE, FATES WARNING -“Perfect Symmetry” era- and even AUDITORY IMAGERY would come into your mind as you listen to spectacular recording like “Imagine Why”, “Mechanism” -one of the most technical tracks you can discover in here-, “Dare to Dream” -an enigmatic recording full of dark melodies-, and of course “Intruding Silence” my favorite IMAGE BEYOND song, a real prog / power diamond.

The sound of the overall material is quite good -yes those are 30 year old recordings transfered from tape-, Bart Gabriel did a great job on the mastering process.

I also have to mention the amazing Artwork by Ioannis (FATES WARNING, WARLORD etc), it perfectly matches the overall vibe of this amazing release and yes he is the guy that did the “Awaken the Guardian” cover -among others-.

The release is already available on Death Rider Records, on CD and double LP -black and orange editions-. The band has also launched a website, so there is no need to wait any further, go out and get this beauty now!

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