MIRRORS IMAGE – Run Through the Night

MIRRORS IMAGE – Run Through the Night
Heaven And Hell Records
Released Year:
1. Where's The Show2. Chains3. Run In The Night4. Straight Thru The Heart5. Dreams Come True6. Change Of Heart7. Hold On8. Dangerous Love9. Burning Up

MIRRORS IMAGE was formed by guitarist Jimmy Ambrose and bassist Nars Lopez after their departure from SINFUL, a heavy metal band with hard rock and glam metal influences which released the “Gonna Raise Hell” EP in 1985. MIRRORS IMAGE music was not too far from that direction, but the glam touches were replaced by an AOR-like/keyboard style and the great vocals of Andy Meyer that raised the level of the tracks significantly.

Run Through the Night” is a collection of the band’s work – first time on CD – that an 80s heavy metal fan will find interesting, and the majority of the songs will keep him satisfied while listening to the album. Even though the bands’ sound has a hard rock vibe, this doesn’t affect the heavy metal attitude in most of the tracks, since the keyboards are used in a way that reminds us the respective similar moments and songs that OZZY or DIO, for example, used to have. So, the fans of that period of heavy metal will feel very familiar to the sound of MIRRORS IMAGE, which is nostalgic, warm and very melodic, exactly as the norms and rules of that era ordered.

The band’s songs are up-tempo, rousing, with very catchy melodies and very good – almost power metal – vocals by Andy Meyer. This is exactly the case in “Dreams Come True” and “Chains”, two great tracks with pure 80s metal atmosphere and melodies. But the album has more songs that an 80s heavy metal fan will like, such as “Where is the Show”, “Straight Thru the Heart or “Hold On”.

MIRRORS IMAGE’s music was simple, catchy, and melodic, and it is mostly addressed to those who miss a mixture of mid 80s OZZY, DIO, late 80s RAINBOW, DOKKEN, LION and FIFTH ANGEL’s second album. For these fans, this compilation will be a true trip in time and a nice discovery of another unknown band from the magic past of heavy metal.


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