SEVEN SISTERS – Shadow of a Fallen Star Pt.1

SEVEN SISTERS – Shadow of a Fallen Star Pt.1
Dissonance Productions
Released Year:
1. Andromeda Rising πŸ“Ί2. Beyond the Black Stars πŸ“Ί3. The Artifice πŸ“Ί4. Whispers in the Dark5. Horizon’s Eye6. Wounds of Design7. Shadow of a Falling Star8. Truth's Burden

Third album for the heavy metallers SEVEN SISTERS from London, and the band gives us an amazing surprise. While their first two albums, Seven Sisters (2016) and The Cauldron and the Cross (2018) were good, they belonged strictly to the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal genre. Their new album, Shadow of a Fallen Star Pt.1, keeps the basic traits of classic heavy metal, but the sound is enriched with great melodies similar to the ones found in US power/progressive metal bands.

The album sounds very rejuvenating, and avoids many clichΓ©s of the traditional style-perhaps the new members Gaz Martin (bass) and Sam Christou (drums) played a role in this. Also, one can’t avoid to notice the vocals of Kyle McNeill; they are powerful, crystal clear, and almost epic, helping the listener to absorb the lyrics even more.

All the tracks are very good, and present different aspects of SEVEN SISTERS. This is very important, since many bands give us records where all the songs seem the same. After the acoustic intro “Andromeda Rising”, “Beyond the Black Stars” that follows is one of the best songs of the band. Speedy but amazingly melodic heavy/power metal, like KAMELOT playing traditional heavy metal. In the rest of the album, some contemporary heavy/power metal anthems follow, which will thrill the fans; “Horizon’s Eye” is the band’s most progressive song, with a change of rhythm that could even remind of CRIMSON GLORY Fantastic song, with a dramatic and epic feeling which seems that will characterize the band from now and on.

The anthems don’t stop and “Shadow of a Falling Star” and “Truth’s Burden” are two more perfect mid tempo, heavy/power/progressive metal tracks which unite the European and the American melodic metal scenes with great ease. Actually, the entire album is like the American power metal school (RIOT, etc.) meets the European New Wave of Heavy metal school (KAINE, ENFORCER), but under a progressive veil.

SEVEN SISTERS made a very important step and have enriched their sound with power and progressive metal influences, making Shadow of a Fallen Star Pt. 1 their most versatile work until now. The album has many great songs, full of melodies and the majority of the fans will find it exquisite.

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