SILENT SHADOWS – Transitions

SILENT SHADOWS – Transitions
Arkeyn Steel Records
Released Year:
1. The Suffering2. She Kissed Jesus3. Out in the Cold4. Lonely5. Secrets6. 10 Days7. Enslaved8. Yesterday's Twilight

There were a lot of interesting things happening in the Prog / Power underground scene in the USA, during the late 90s, just before the rise of the new millennium. Progressive Metal was huge, the big bands had managed overtaking Europe and USA through their classic albums and the smaller newcomers were setting the artistic standards even higher through their releases.

One of the greatest examples of the above situation was SILENT SHADOWS from Connecticut, USA. Their “Transitions” demo CD twas released back in 1999. No “Transitions” was not just another, private release in the Prog / Power vein. “Transitions” was a piece of magnificent art.

I still remember the shock I went through when I first heard “Transitions”. I basically couldn’t find a way to stop listening all the five tracks on the original demo release, especially the first three: “The Suffering”, “She Kissed Jesus” and “Out in the Cold”.

On “Transitions”, the band presents the perfect combination of Melodic, Prog and Power Metal through five songs that will stick in your mind forever.

Songwriting. Let me please repeat it for one more time: Songwriting, this is the main and the strongest feature in here. The riffs and the melodies are handled in a very special way, generating songs that can be described only as little masterpieces. A perfect balancing between the catchy vibe and the complexity, a perfect flooding of melody, a wide touch of elegance.

Then we got the vocals of Bill DiCaprio, seriously the guy is putting a strange kind of magic in each and every song. You got to listen to his way of singing, you got to listen the melancholic melodies that he gently put in his song-parts, you got to close your eyes and listen again and again. This is real sonic poetry my friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

All the band members have put their own piece to the puzzle, coming from a serious Prog Metal background (bands like BEYOND REALITY, RADIUM etc) they for sure knew what they were doing.

Through the “Transitions” reissue you will be able to discover the SILENT SHADOWS treasure yourself. All the audio material has been remastered from scratch in Infinity studio by Kostas Scandalis. An extensive biography is provided by Wayne Petroskey, guitarist of the band and of course there are lots of never before seen photos plus complete song lyrics.

Please do yourself a favor and discover the elegance of this band. You will not regret it.

Another great reissue by Arkeyn Steel Records. You can pre-order the CD here.


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