SOLAR FLARE – Solar Flare

SOLAR FLARE – Solar Flare
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1. Medieval2. Under the sun3. Born to Burn4. Pharaoh5. Nous Sommes6. Taken to the other side7. World in my head

The same titled debut album by Ohio’s SOLAR FLARE will be released on May 23rd.

The band is delivers an outstanding combination of melodic Heavy and Power Metal. Their songwriting is the most powerful feature in this particular release.

There is this particular balancing between the Heavy and Power Metal forms that generates the basis of the songs in here. Songs that will stick directly into your mind from the first to the last minute.

On their Power Metal moments they are simply an unstoppable force, on their Heavy Metal moments they let the melody to fill each and every song part. Memorable pounding riffing, beautiful shining lead guitar parts and the most important feature in here: amazing vocals.

Yes the vocals. Eithan Jackson is the real lethal weapon in here. The tone and the color of his voice, the amazing melodies he delivers and of course his range, everything completes a simply amazing result. I will put it straightly: Jackson is getting the songs to sky high levels.

The keyboards are putting a special extra vibe into the compositions being a discreet but important feature’s on SOLAR FLARE’s music.

Influences? Well I would definitely have to point bands like RIOT and SHOK PARIS in here. And you can add each and every US band that combined the Heavy and Power Metal under a melodic moniker.

I would not refer to a specific song of the album, simply because I believe that there is not a single filler in here, so I should not get into the process of selecting the “good ones”. All the songs are real masterpieces and in my opinion this debut is one of the best Heavy / Power Metal releases for this year (2020).

One final -and very positive IMO-, feature that I would like to point, is the album’s production. It carries an old school vibe, bringing to the foreground a special, warm sound that does total justice to the songs. No, no, you should not expect any fake “from the vaults” sound approaching in this one, you have been warned.

Well I got nothing else to write. This is an amazing debut album that I simply can not stop listening. Albums like this come out once in a while, but it’s worth the waiting. Check out SOLAR FLARE for sure.

Check out the discussion of the album in our forum pages.

Check out my radio in which I premiere three songs from the album:

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