WITHERFALL – Sounds Of The Forgotten

WITHERFALL – Sounds Of The Forgotten
DeathWave Records
Released Year:
1. They Will Let You Down2. Where Do I Begin?3. A Lonely Path4. Insidious5. Ceremony of Fire6. Sounds of the Forgotten7. Aftermath8. When It All Falls Away9. Opulent10. What Have You Done?

WITHERFALL are an exceptional band.

They have been an exceptional band right from the start and they certainly remain one after seven years that have been unwaveringly offering us musical enjoyment beyond imagination.

This time, Jake Dreyer (guitars), Joseph Michael (vocals) and Anthony Crawford (bass), the fundamental trio of WITHERFALL, entered the studio with Gerry Hirshfeld on keyboards and -once again- Marco Minemann on drums, although it’s Chris Tsaganeas who performs live with the band. The bonding has been incredible, and they all managed to integrate ideally their own top-notch playing to the unique character of band’s music; well, as a matter of fact, it’s this kind of prolific diversity merged to a flawless musical outcome, that finally creates WITHERFALL’s prog/power innovation.

Personally, I believe that “Sounds of the Forgotten” is WITHERFALL’s finest work of art, and keeping in mind that they have not delivered anything less than GREAT in any of their previous three albums, I think it’s only fair to say that THIS ONE is their MAGNUM OPUS so far!

Yes, I love all their albums but this one is SOMETHING ELSE! “Sounds of the Forgotten masterfully channels the distinct influences of WITHERFALL members’ former bands, creating a fascinating experience within the realm of dark, melodic metal. Jake Dreyer and Joseph Michael, known for their work with ICED EARTH, DEMONS & WIZARDS, SANCTUARY, and MIDNIGHT REIGN, have one more time skillfully woven elements from these iconic groups into a fresh and exciting sound. The album successfully blends the intricate guitar work and haunting vocal styling, but it also pushes the boundaries with innovative compositions and complex arrangements that set WITHERFALL apart in the metal genre since their very beginning.

Despite the inclusion of new members that neither of whom have a heavy metal background, the band has achieved a seamless integration of varied musical influences. Hirshfeld‘s keyboard contributions add a rich, atmospheric layer to the music, enhancing the gloomy yet ferocious quality of the album. Minemann‘s drumming provides a pluralistic, dynamic and precise backbone that drives the progressive elements forward. Anthony Crawford, Dreyer’s and Michael’s oldest bandmate, anchors the band with his adept bass lines, ensuring a cohesive and powerful performance throughout the record. And finally, Dreyer’s virtuoso shredding, augmented with various styles, from Spanish guitar tunes to massive, theatrical riffing, and Michael’s inimitable vocal prowess, full of drama yet always in control, offer the definitive elements that WITHERFALL’s music is all about.

A lot of great bands came to my mind listening “Sounds of the Forgotten”PHARAOH, NEVERMORE, SAVATAGE, SYMPHONY X, HELSTAR, SILVER TALON, KING DIAMOND are some of them.

But WITHERFALL are truly unique; aren’t they?

There’s no need to go on a song-to-song rundown to describe “Sounds of the Forgotten”. I only have to recommend listening to the album’s closure, “What Have You Done?”, a 10-minute saga that combines the relentless stormy sound of the band with great 70’s elements and 90’s dynamic lyricism. If THAT doesn’t convince you, then nothing would ever do.

So, at least for me, it’s simple as that: press play or put the needle down and absolute greatness awaits you!

“Sound of the Forgotten” was released on May 31st via the band’s own label DeathWave Records, on both CD and double LP.

Check the discussion about the album in our forum pages.

You can order -for EU- both the CD and DLP here.

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