KRILLOAN – Stories of Times Forgotten

KRILLOAN – Stories of Times Forgotten
Stormspell Records
Released Year:
1. Into the Storm2. Yggdrasil3. Fireborn4. Moonblade5. Times Forgotten

KRILLOAN is a very new band from Sweden, formed in 2020 and after three singles, they released their first EP, Stories of Times Forgotten, some months ago. Β The album’s opener β€œInto the Storm” is a good but typical Euro-Power Metal song in the vein of early RHAPSODY, but the band shows its true skills in the songs that follow.

β€œYggdrasil” is an amazing power metal track that the fans will love; captivating melodies, raging power metal rhythms and fantastic vocals by Alex VanTrue. The song runs through all the decades of European power metal, from BLIND GUARDIAN and STRATOVARIUS to modern melodic symphonic bands, such as MY LAST WHISPER and it is perhaps the best track of the EP.

The second top moment of this release is β€œTimes Forgotten”. Less speedy than the previous songs, it wins you over with its up-tempo, epic and heroic feeling. It’s the song that is closest to classic power/heavy metal of the 90s. Also, very good is β€œMoonblade”. Again, speedy, energetic but always melodic power metal, with a chorus that stands out significantly.

This 5-track EP is a very good introduction to the sound of KRILLOAN. All of its songs are noteworthy, but there are three tracks that raise the level very high and could easily be described as contemporary power metal hymns. The dedicated fans of European power metal should take notice of this new band, as the first samples are more than satisfying, something that gives high expectations for its first full-length release.

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