IRON KINGDOM – The Blood of Creation

IRON KINGDOM – The Blood of Creation
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1. Tides Of Desolation2. Sheathe The Sword3. Queen Of The Crystal Throne4. Hunter And Prey5. Witching Hour6. In The Grip Of Nightmares7. Primordial8. The Blood Of Creation

Dear diary,

Today in the year 1997 I am walking home from school and boy oh boy the new issue of METAL INVADER is out. As always, I pick it up, grab a cheese pie from a near patisserie and head straight home from study. I put the IRON SAVIOR CD and I begin reading, of course from the last pages where the β€œTEMPLE OF POWER” column dwells.

The legendary β€œTEMPLE OF POWER” is all about new hot underground releases, made especially for those of us who seek classic heavy metal in a world dominated by nu-metal stuff. And what do I see there? The new IRON KINGDOM CD. Yes! The uber-underground power metal extraordinaires are back with another self-release. This is awesome, metal still thrives and offers chilling pieces of music. But let’s get real, it’s not the thrilling 90’s, it’s the miserable double 20’s. However, the hype is real: β€œThe Blood of Creation” is an overdose of classic power metal, a homage to the late 80’s – 90’s power metal heroes: HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY, HEAVEN’S GATE, SCANNER, early CHINCHILA (remember those guys?), EDGUY with a touch of American stuff like RΞ™ΞŸΞ€.

IRON KINGDOM have been around quite a long time and they are proved to be more than a tribute band. Their style combines all the above, blended in a very special way in order to develop a recognizable personal style: that would be solid song structures with the lead guitars dominating and distinctive β€œlove/hate” vocals (I love them). The double guitar work is the highlight of the album, just listen to β€œHunter and Pray” or the devastating β€œSheathe the Sword”, they sound as if they are going to make your speakers explode. It has been a long time since I felt such an impact from an album.

β€œQueen of the Crystal Throne” and β€œWitching hour” offer a more melodic, mid-tempo staccato, with hints from classic metal like BLACK SABBATH, while β€œIn the Grip of Nightmares” is a mix between speed and melody with a memorable chorus. Apparently, the hit single from the album and for a very good reason. β€œPrimordial” is a short instrumental where the double axes are sharpened for the last track β€œBlood of Creation” a thirteen-minute epic where the band nails it: they sound as if they have reached the climatic ending of a long concert and they should push their strength beyond the borders of human capability. It’s not only amazing, but also reveals the secret connection between IRON KINGDOM and true underground power metal bands like STEEL WARRIOR, TROPA DE SHOCK, HROM and the Greek band HATRED. That’s the underground sound I crave for.

It is truly a shame that IRON KINGDOM have not rose to prominence among other bands of their age, yet I do believe that this is for a good reason: rise to mainstream means eventually you wither and die. As I mentioned, IRON KINGDOM have been around, this is their sixth release, which means that they have already carved their path. And this path is one that I would be happy to tread.

Check the discussion about the band and the album in our forum pages.

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