TALES OF THE OLD – The Book of Chaos

TALES OF THE OLD – The Book of Chaos
Pride & Joy Music
Released Year:
1. Heavens in War2. Fallen Angels3. Beware4. Dark Witch5. Let Your Hatred Be6. Tortured Souls7. The Book of Chaos8. Contract of Blood9. Broken Heart10. The Invocation11. The First Exorcism

TALES OF THE OLD is a Symphonic Power Metal band from Athens, Greece. They were formed back in 2010 by keyboard player Mike Tzanakis.

Their first self-produced demo was called β€œBeware” and was released back in in 2010. After this particular release Tzanakis decided to move forward and work with producer Bob Katsionis. They both shaped formed the sound of the band as it can be heard in the “The Passageway From Hell To Earth” EP that was released back in 2012. And then? And then there was silence…

After eight years (an actual period where actually TALES OF THE OLD did not exist), Tzanakis decided to recreate the whole band. New era, new musicians and a brand new vision. The result is the band’s debut album “The Book of Chaos” which was released on Pride & Joy Music.

Symphonic Power Metal remains the overall sonic basis on this particular release. Bands like RHAPSODY and NIGHTWISH (mainly the first three albums era) would pop up as main influences that work as a crystal clear starting point in here. However there is a wide range of influences to be discovered on this album: Trying to identify this debut’s music, someone would come across the apocalyptic Dark / Symphonic Metal of the mighty THERION (mainly “Theli” & “Vovin” albums) and there is even a more extreme installment on the album’s sonic frame, reflecting the vision of bands like HAGGARD, TRISTANIA and ANGIZIA, that delivered some real sound miracles during the glorious 90s (and yes I am referring to this specific 90s period of all those mentioned bands as a main influence on “The Book of Chaos”).

To tell you the truth I am a little bit skeptic during the last years when releases from the “symphonic” realm are arriving on my stereo speakers: As I have get used to on the high standards of the classic releases of the overall genre, I often find myself widely disappointed because the most of the times I really miss the classical vibe on the newer stuff. Well I was so deeply surprised as I realized that the actual classical orchestrations of this album are becoming its key feature, transcending each and every song to a total new dimension. At last! Some real classical stuff perfectly balanced on the electric universe of a Metal record (Katsionis plays the guitars in here so expect some more high class performance in here). There is even a real classical choir used on the record (Christina Alexiou, Sofia Karvouna, Margarita Papadimitriou, Antonis Dimou, Alexandros Louziotis, Romanos Papadimitriou), so yes you would better forget about the pseudo-keyboard loops and voices when it comes to TALES OF THE OLD.

Tzanakis breathes for classical music, a careful listening to each and every composition on this album and a closer focusing to the orchestration are enough for someone to realize it. As a composer he puts lots of soul into the album’s material highlighting a brief vision of musicianship.

On the record we can listen a majority of guest vocalists that add their own silver stone to the overall sonic character of the record: Sakis Tolis (ROTTING CHRIST), Fabio Lione (TURILLI / LIONE RHAPSODY), Fotis Benardo (NIGHTFALL, ex – SEPTIC FLESH), Alexandros Louziotis, Christina Alexiou & Androniki Skoula.

The talent and the enthusiasm in here are carefully guided in order for a solid musical result to be offered to the final listener. The production part plays an important role in here. Bob Katsionis & Nasos Nomikos are sitting on the mixing desk doing an excellent job, giving Tzankis vision its final shape.

I would not mention any specific track as a favorite one because “The Book of Chaos” is one of those albums that should be listened in its entirety. In a few words I could describe at as a musically blessed, dark and mysterious tale. It managed to open the nostalgic door to an era -not so long ago- when Symphonic Metal was a matter of art and not a matter of likes and views. Such an adorable release! Go and check it out!

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