WARLORD – The Hunt for Damien (Reissue 2023)

WARLORD – The Hunt for Damien (Reissue 2023)
High Roller Records
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1. Disc 1:2. Child of the Damned3. Winter Tears4. Black Mass5. Lucifer's Hammer6. Mrs. Victoria7. Lost and Lonely Days8. Battle of the Living Dead9. Winds of Thor10. Night of the Fury11. Disc 2:12. Conquerors - William J Tsamis Final Compostion #113. William J Tsamis Final Composition #214. Child of the Damned (Nicholas Leptos audition)15. Winter Tears (Nicholas Leptos audition)16. Night of the Fury (with Gregg Analla vocals)17. Child of the Damned (with Gregg Analla vocals)18. Winter Tears (with Gregg Analla vocals)19. Achillies Revenge (with unreleased vocal intro)20. Lordian Guard - Invaders (different mix)

After the loss of the beloved guitar player and composer Bill Tsamis two years ago, it is time for a new edition of β€œThe Hunt for Damien”, WARLORD’s 2015 album with Nicholas Leptos on vocals singing some of the band’s greatest anthems. But besides the new re-recording of that album, this new release comes with a second CD as well, which contains more alternative editions for some old tracks, plus two final compositions written by Tsamis which will probably be the main pole of attraction for the fans of the band.

The first disc contains β€œThe Hunt for Damien”, which sounds refreshed with regards to the 2015 album, but the feeling and the general atmosphere remain the same. For those who remember, the album received mostly negative reviews back then as being unnecessary and poor in production. The thing is that β€œThe Hunt for Damien” was for die-hard WARLORD fans who would like to have some recordings with a big fan of the band on vocals. The same holds for this new release. The music of the band is the same and still causes chills, and Leptos, with his humble and melancholic performance is paying tribute to these all-time classic anthems of the band. Β There is no point in saying if he is better than Damien King I or Damien King II, because the fans know that history cannot be repeated. So, anyone interested in a revision of some classic tracks with a more contemporary singer who keeps the old vocal spirit and style, will have no problem enjoying the album.

Now, the second disc opens with Tsamis’ two final compositions. β€œConquerors” is the first one, and it is an amazing instrumental that brings in mind the most sentimental moments of WARLORD and LORDIAN GUARD. The old fans of the band will love the song and must keep it as an invaluable treasure of WARLORD’s legacy. The second song is untitled, it is a bit repetitive, but the characteristic sound of Tsamis is there and the fans should listen to it at least once.

Further, there is a couple of songs with Leptos auditions, and three songs which contain some versions with the late Gregg Analla on vocals (known from his work with SEVENTHSIGN and TRIBE OF GYPSIES). Very good job, especially on β€œNight of the Fury” and β€œWinter Tears”. The last two songs are β€œAchillies Revenge”, which contains an unreleased vocal intro, and β€œInvaders” with a different mix.

It is evident that, besides β€œConquerors”, which stands as a great magnet for this release and a lot people will enjoy hearing it, we are talking about an album which is addressed only to the hardcore fans of WARLORD, and not to the general heavy/power metal fan base. The album doesn’t add something new to the legend or the history of the band, but it is nostalgic and quite sentimental. And that’s what perhaps WARLORD was all about…

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