EMISSARY – The Wretched Masquerade

EMISSARY – The Wretched Masquerade
Underground Power Records
Released Year:
1. The Silent Treatment2. Chemical Hatred3. Hypochondriac4. In Solitude5. Ruler of Defiance6. Out of Reach7. Crash & Burn8. Pine Box

It’s no secret that we, here in Forgotten Scroll, are particularly fond of Jym Harris and the projects he is involved in, especially SYLENT STORM whose debut EP and full length are modern classics. Sadly, it seems that SYLENT STORM are on hold but worry not! Jym is back, this with EMISSARY, one of the many bands that formed back in the late 90’s on the West Coast.

Although EMISSARY didn’t manage to release a full-length album back in their 90s days, they were quite active with lots of demos and many local performances. Therefore, they should ring some bells to all those Heavy / Speed / Power / Thrash Metal maniacs out there.

The band reunited back on 2021 releasing an EP and this particular demo album -there was a compilation album released back on 2009 as well-.

Even though “The Wretched Masquerade” is the band’s debut album, most of the songs were taken from the band’s late 90’s demos, however they are re-recorded with the new line up and imbued with modern powerful sound production. And this blend of old-school songwriting with nowadays modern sound is both enjoyable and satisfying, especially to guys like me.

The band’s music tends towards to the more aggressive aside of U.S. Metal, and should I had to mention some influences I would say METAL CHURCH, early MEGADETH, REVEREND, MELIAH RAGE. I have to point that there are some glimmers of Thrash Metal around like songs like “Chemical hatred” or “Out of reach”. There are lots of highlights but if I had to mention some I’d say “Hypochondriac”, “Crush and burn” and my favorite “Ruler of defiance”.

EMISSARY know how to deliver some in your face steel, featuring skull crushing vinyl, great solos and some powerful vocals under a storm taking rhythm section. You should listen this album really loud!

To sum up, I firmly enjoyed this album and I would recommend it to people who are into U.S.Heavy / Thrash metal. It has musicianship, great sound and it will satisfy you to the most.

The album will be released May, 27 on Underground Power Records – Two CD editions: Single CD and double CD featuring 90s demos as bonus tracks. LP editions will follow later this year, as well as a tape edition that will be released privately by the band.

See the discussion about the album in our forum pages.

You can check out some airplay on our radio show here.

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