SANDSTORM – Time To Strike

SANDSTORM – Time To Strike
Dying Victims Productions
Released Year:
1. Death is Near2. Whips and Chains3. Witchman, Sorcerer of Satan4. Denizen of Hell5. Hymn to the Hell Knights6. Lucia, Warrior of Light

Newcomers SANDSTORM from Canada have recently announced the release of their “Time to Strike” debut EP on Dying Victims Productions.

“Time to Strike” belongs to a special category of releases. Please let me explain: You would listen to the stuff for the first time and then comes the second one (yes a repeated listening process always makes sense, you see it is normal to be wary to the music of a band that you are checking for the first time). Well during the third time, the listener is already on the correct mood, treating the album like a classic one. How? By searching for more time and space to enjoy it, by dimming out the lights in the stereo room and by taking a bottle of beer closer, lighting up a cigarette… Well YES now it is the proper moment to push the play button…

The first notes of this album predispose the listener that the band deals with totally catchy riffs that bring back the JUDAS PRIEST late 70’s era, referring to albums such as “Stained Class”, “Sin After Sin” and “British Steel”.

The main achievement of this album is that there is not even a single unnecessary note, captured on a track. SANDSTORM play exactly as much as it is needed in order to create wonderful songs. Simplicity is the key word for this album’s compositions. Simplicity means the ability to focus on songwriting, without being tiring to the listener. In other words, SANDSTORM’s songwriting has the necessary recipe to produce all time classic stuff in the years to follow (at least as far as the current album is concerned).

It is not only that almost all of the EP’s tracks deliver the late ‘70s JUDAS PRIEST albums atmosphere, this EP also deals with the SAXON‘s energy, the UFO’s melody and ACCEPT’s roughness and explosiveness. There is something more which is in my opinion is the most important feature on this band’s music: This very special feeling that SANDSTORM manage to generate inside their songs. This is pure power and inspiration, like the Steel of the glorious late 70s.

Therefore, if you are a fan of late ‘70s JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON’s “Denim & Leather” era, ACCEPT’s “Restless and Wild” era and UFO’s “Phenomenon” era and if you still love NWOBHM bands such as BITCHES SIN, do not miss this album. The result is better than you would expect…

All six tracks from the EP are excellent and of high quality, but my personal favorite is the “Hymn to the Hell Knights” track, with the fucking awesome riff which brought to my mind the legendary “Rock Bottom” by UFO…

All I have to say is congratulations to the band for their achievement! I will be waiting for their next effort with great eagerness…

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