ANGEL HEART (GR) – March of Death (Demo -1990)


Style: Lyrical Heavy/Power Metal


  1. March of Death
  2. Voice of Darkness
  3. Gates of Suicide
  4. Journey to Nowhere

Does perfection have a name? Yes, and it is called ANGEL HEART. Not the movie with Mickey Rourke, but the Greek heavy/power metal band ANGEL HEART which released the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G March of Death demo back in 1990, and it is considered by many fans the best Greek metal demo of all time.

That demo was the definition of lyricism, and its songs are the best masterpieces that WARLORD or CRIMSON GLORY never wrote. Yes, the sound is not too good, but what does this have to do with FEELING?

The band went inactive two years after the demo, but the fans will never forget the band with the beautiful name (which was actually inspired by the 1987 movie!) and its life-changing tracks…

Forever, and ever…

Check a nice and nostalgic interview with George “Roxx” Mavropoulos, the guitarist of the band here!