ASLAN (US) – Aslan (Demo, 1987)


Here we have a very special case. As it is quite well-known, ASLAN was PSYCHOTIC WALTZ‘s first name. The band was formed in 1985 and the self-titled demo was released a couple of years later. The name changed into PSYCHOTIC WALTZ soon after the demo was released, and the rest is history, since the band afterwards  made significant contributions in the progressive metal field.

But, what’s so special with that demo? The first is that it is one of the best demos of the entire heavy metal scene, with melodies and ideas that seem untouched by time even 30 or 40 later. Secondly, the band changed its style after that demo, playing the psychotic progressive metal that made them popular in the scene, so this demo is the heaviest and most “traditional” aspect of their sound. Of course, the first album, A Social Grace, is the closest to the ASLAN demo, but again the style of the debut is clearly more progressive.

Three spectacular songs, a mixture of progressive and doomy melodies which resulted in a unique style that no one had played before. If we add and the amazing vocals of Buddy Lackey, then we are talking about a historical recording whose marks are still spotted in the field of progressive metal.

Why look at me
I wish you had a mirror
That could show you your true self


1. To Chase the Stars
2. No Glory
3. Spiral Tower