NEAR INFINITY (US) – Perceptions (1993)


1993… When everyone was talking about grunge leaving heavy metal aside, there were some bands that remained faithful to the sound of OLIVER MAGNUM, HITTMAN, and LIZZY BORDEN from the previous decade.

The deput of NEAR INFINITY from Auburn, Washington, is the living evidence of what metal could do those days; unbelievable feeling, 80s heavy metal melodies mixed with a power/progressive attitude and the amazing vocals of Walter Ballard Jr., all this, created a magical record that was deemed to stay classic.

Perceptions” remains untouched by time and hides all the power, dramatic theatricallity, and the uplifting emotion that heavy metal was destined to have… The band did not make it afterwards and its members followed separate ways, but at least they left us with one of the best records of the 90s.

Runaway… to become another street child…