REBELLION (US-MA) – And the Battle Begins… (Re-issue, 2016)


REBELLION was the band of keyboardist Christopher St. Pierre who, unfortunately, left us some months ago. They released the “Does Anybody Care?” EP on cassette in 1989, while in 1991 they released, also on cassette, their first album “And the Battle Begins …“. The next releases of the band were the demo “Unreleased Recording Sessions (1991 – 1993)“, and the 2001 EP “Dream Again“, which was much more melodic with more keyboards and less guitars.

In 2016, their debut album “And the Battle Begins …” was re-released on vinyl for the first time, causing multiple heart-attacks to the fans of heavy/power/epic metal. Β It is truly one of the best re-issues we have even seen in heavy metal, where the unique style of the band offers new musical experiences to someone who is always looking for something fresh and new – but always of high quality – in this music.

The piano/keyboard music of the band is very cleverly combined with sharp guitar melodies, but mostly, with the theatrical vocals of Ed Snow, creating an original heavy/power/epic metal feeling that can only be compared with the best moments of the 80s US power/progressive metal scene.

The album with the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G front cover is a great introduction to the noble, sensitive, and multifarious personality of Christopher St. Pierre – the kind of characters that can offer a new insight to this kind of music.