ROUGH JUSTICE (US) – Same (Demo 1989)


Style: Melodic metal

Tracklist: (1) Send Down Angels (2) Slide Down On Your Knees (3) The Choice (4) S.H.E. (5) So Damn Sweet (6) Live Reasons (7) Out For Blood

Rough Justice is one of these unknown US bands of the late 80s that never managed to reach a wider audience. Maybe the reason is that they were too hard rock-ish/ melodic to be called a power metal band and at the same time too heavy to be characterised as a typical hard rock/AOR group. A lot of diversity here, ”Send Down Angels” is a pure melodic metal song that sticks to your mind with an AOR-ish intro, ”Slide Down On Your Knees” is a hard rock tune, ”The Choice” is a heavy metal balllad, ”S.H.E.” is a traditional heavy metal song with light keys on the background while the rest of the songs balance between hard rock and heavy metal. I know of at least one 3-track demo with 2 songs to be also included in this demo.