SECOND WIND (US) – Vendetta (Demo -1989)


Style: Heavy Metal

Tracklist: (1) Teacher’s Pet (2) You’re All I Need (3) Lost And Alone (4) Vendetta (5) On The Run (6) Just Have Faith

If you search deeply for this band from Pennsylvania you may find references that it was an AOR act which is totally incorrect as their sound was quite heavy and too early 80s for a demo that was released just before the 90s.

All songs keep a mid tempo heavy metal sound mixed with doomy elements ala Sabbath and 70s hard rock vibes that makes it quite interesting. ”Vendetta” and ”On the run” are probably the best songs of this tape but the rest are more or less in the same level. Overall a quite good addition for demo collectors of traditional heavy metal that looks to the 70s.