SILVER CROSS (US) – Same (CD 1993)


Style: Heavy Metal

Tracklist: 1) Opening Night 2) 4 Minutes ‘Til Midnight 3) Up In Arms 4) Evacuation 5) Rock n’ roll lives on 6) Sleaze Disease 7) Dead Eyes Of London 8) Evilution

Ξ€his band from Lansing, Illinois released this CD in 1993 but the recordings come from the period 1982-1986 so we are talking actually about 80s heavy metal which is consistent with the tradition of the famous metal scene of Illinois.

Vocals that often approach power metal and great guitar solos/ riffs combined sometimes with keys (e.g. Rock n’ roll lives on) is what the listener gets here.

You may see this CD described as AOR but this is totally incorrect and don’t hesitate to buy either the CD or the K7 cassette if you find them at a normal price.