SIRATH (US) – Revelation (Demo 1988)


Style: Heavy Metal

Tracklist: 1) Revelation 2) The trinity 3) The choice 4) Intruder 5) Eye of the storm 6) Reflections of war 7) Changes 8) Heavy metal 9) Save us from ourselves

What we have here is perhaps the most sought after recording in cassette format in metal history! This band is as good as VAMPIRELLA, WAXWING, GLACIER and any other top “demo” metal band you can bring in mind.

Nobody knows if this glorious band from Fall River, Massachusets put out even a few test-press vinyls so I believe we have to settle with the tape. In terms of music all songs are killers and just imagine the epic lead and rhythm guitars of GARGOYLE, KILLEN dressed with the vocals of Jesse Odom of STREET CHILD. “Reflections of war” is the absolute epic metal masterpiece, while “Eye of the storm”, “Save us from ourselves” are also cornerstones!

Why this band failed to get a contract in a period that traditional metal was still alive and US metal was in its peak is a question yet to be answered for other great bands too. Without doubt, these songs should be officially reissued and a second chance must be given to SIRATH to conquer the metal world. Let’s hope this won’t take much time.