TANAGRA (US) – None of This Is Real (2015)


The title of the album, “None of This Is Real“, is the answer one gets after waking up from the most beautiful dream. And the music of the album is the dream. TANAGRA from Oregon presented in their 2015 debut, one of the best power metal albums ever released. Melodies from dreams, guitars stemming from fairy tales and endless battles, and an amazing performance by Tom Socia on vocals who leaves you speechless, whatever he sings, in whatever way he sings.

This brilliant band is the creation of guitarist Steven Soderberg who put the great ideas he had in the early 00s with his band STADIUM in power metal paths, leading to this masterpiece the like of which we may never listen to again, since the second album of the band, “Meridiem“, was much more progressive, and also Tom Socia has left the band recently.

We do not lose hope with regards to the future of this great band that showed us what β€œserious, dramatic, epic, fresh and contemporary power metal” means.

β€œIf my heart desires, I can leave it all behind, walk the planes for eternity”.