VERSCYTHE (US) – A Time Will Come (2013)


This great band from New Bedford is preparing its second album, so it’s a very good chance to remember what happened almost 10 years ago when the “A Time Will Come” debut was released.

We are talking about one of the best heavy/power metal albums of the previous decade and an album which has “the magic of classic” as the 80s records had. Amazing feeling, close to the most dreamy moments of FATES WARNINGΒ  (John Arch era), or the “Keeper…” period of HELLOWEEN.

The power metal of the 80s is transported in an incredible way to 2013, and the thrill of the listener reaches its limits; elegiac, dreamy rhythms, delicate-lyrical vocals and melodic but powerful riffs, all this, create the surprise that one expects when listening to this kind of music.

β€œUnfinished on Earth” is a timeless power metal anthem that the fans of the genre willΒ  never forget. But also “Till the End of Time“, “A Time Will Come“, “Start the Revolution” and “The Opening of Life“, captivate even the most difficult listener.

A Time Will Come” was a breathtaking album and we truly hope that the second album of the band will continue on the same path.