VICTIM (US) – Same (Demo – 1988)


Style: Heavy metal

Tracklist: (1) Out of control (2) Secret lies (3) The running man (4) Into the dark

It’s hard to imagine that behind this plain white cover simply writing the band’s name are hidden some of the greatest heavy/power metal songs ever recorded on a demo tape. Up to the present very few information is known about Victim.

I suppose the band is from the USA but let’s go to the musical content. ”Οut of control” is a mid-tempo composition with vocals that seem to be female but I can’t really be sure while there is also a great guitar solo in the last part of the song. ”Secret Lies” starts as a ballad but soon a metal riff makes its presence without taking from the song its mid-tempo feeling.

B Side starts with a great song called ”The running man” a heavy metal composition that becomes gradually heavier reaching a fantastic guitar solo. ”Into the dark” is probably the best song of the demo and in my opinion one of the greatest songs that failed to be recorded on vinyl or CD format. The song is a doomy composition with many epic elements and great atmosphere which reaches its top with amazing guitars at the end.