WIDOWS ROSE (US) – Face to Face with Insanity (Demo 1988)


Style: Melodic Metal

Tracklist: 1) Killer on the Run 2) Face To Face With Insanity 3) Trapped 4) Classic Revolution 5) Second Chance

For those who don’t know, Widows Rose was a great part of the Chicago’s 80s metal scene along with Hammeron, Hedstone, Paradoxx, Slauter Xstroyes, Tyrant’s Reign etc. Their sound is similar to the mighty Hammeron and couldn’t be different as Jack Lazor did the vocals and Danny Vega was the bassist in certain periods. The two bands even shared the same stage in live gigs.

In 2003 the group released a self-financed CD-R compilation with 13 songs (5 of them come from this demo) and the quality continued to be on top level as all recordings originated from the 80s.

I don’t know what went wrong and their material has not been re-issued properly up to this day as should be for a band of this quality. Let’s hope this will change in the future.