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Altered State

ALTERED STATE: Re-release Demos on Limited Vinyl Edition

The release date of the album "Altered State" by the US progressive / power metal band ALTERED STATE as limited vinyl edition is September...
Ruthless - Evil Within

RUTHLESS – Evil Within

This is wicked. RUTHLESS is back with a new album after their comeback in 2015 with "They Rise". RUTHLESS is one of the numerous...
Wretch - Man or Machine

WRETCH – Man or Machine

WRETCH have been one of the best-hidden secrets of Ohio's metal scene with a lot of underground action and a fairly earned reputation. The...


Well, it has finally seen the light of the day. Yes, I am referring to the material that Mark "The Shark" Shelton and David...
Necrytis - Dread en Ruin

NECRYTIS – Dread En Ruin

It is a fact that a lot of people around Toby Knapp's projects are mainly searching for this very specific vibe that he offered...
Shadowkeep - Shadowkeep

SHADOWKEEP – Shadowkeep

Back in the early 00's should anyone ask which was the hottest newcomer (and perhaps sole member) in the British power metal scene the...

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HIDEAWAY – Hideaway

ORODRUIN – Ruins of Eternity

STAR.GATE – The Dream

Interview with HORIZON’S END

Speaking with HORIZON'S END mastermind - Sakis Bandis (keyboards) is a beautiful adventure, like each and every listen to each and every of their songs. There were really a lot of things to be discussed, as this is the very first interview that took place after the band's reunion. There is new music, there is this sudden (or not so sudden?) comeback, there is an album that was recorded but never released and a whole band that was put on ice many moons ago. Sakis spread some light to all those topics that waited for years to be clarified and to many new ones, as a new journey to the end of an infinite horizon has already started!

HORIZON’S END release new album’s first single / lyric video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsgrmqceMjkGreek Progsters HORIZON'S END released "Ocean's Grey", the first single / official lyric video from their third forthcoming album "Skeleton Keys"."Skeleton Keys" will be...