ALTERED STATE: Re-release Demos on Limited Vinyl Edition


The release date of the album “Altered State” by the US progressive / power metal band ALTERED STATE as limited vinyl edition is September 27th, 2019. The Album will release in a limited Edition of 300 black copies and insert on vinyl.

The demos of ALTERED STATE are being re-released – on real vinyl. ALTERED STATE was the formation in which vocalist Norman Kiersznowski, known in the metal world as Ski, were active after his retirement from the US legend DEADLY BLESSING. Six demo songs plus four rehearsals from the early 1990s are included on this masterpiece, which was released years ago on CD under the title “Winter Warlock”. And this is going to be put on the vinyl plate by Pure Steel Records in 2019 under the name “Altered State”. Metalheads with the taste for high-pitched vocals will kneel and cry in front of this. ALTERED STATE are celebrating technical power metal and are simply indispensable for any US Metal fan.

Side A
1. Mindsrealm
2. Off With His Head
3. Judge For Yourself
4. Leading Me Blindly
Side B
5. Winter Warlock
6. Mental Rage
7. Final Holocaust
8. Another Meaningless Death
9. Wizard’s Destiny
10. Outro Live Intro
Total Playing Time: 49:08 min

Ski – vocals
John Orrio – guitars
Chris Fredericks – bass
Doug Taylor – guitars
Todd Deputy – drums