EVER AFTER (US?) – Same [Demo, 1993]



Style: Melodic Heavy Metal


  1. Backseat Lust
  2. The One
  3. The Whisper
  4. Together
  5. Lavender
  6. Evil Woman

Another very talented band for which almost nothing is known (e.g. no band members, no country of origin). I suppose they are from the USA but it’s not sure.

Their style ranges from female-fronted Hard Rock to Melodic Heavy Metal with progressive elements. “Backseat Lust” that opens the demo is a rather typical hard rock song but “The One” introduces the band as it combines great female vocals with keys and melodic guitar parts.

‘The Whisper” is heavier, still melodic and progressive enough to remind you of early DREAM THEATER, while “Together” is another quite good melodic metal song. “Lavender” is without doubt the highlight of this demo, a dreamy anthem with doomy heavy guitars, nice solos and beautiful keys.

“Evil Woman” is the heavier song of the tape leaving promises for a second effort that probably never came. Whoever knows something about this band is strongly encouraged to start a topic on our forum pages and provide more information.