ANGEL DUST: Push The Release For New Album “Ghosts” In 2019


ANGEL DUST, legendary thrash/power metal band from Germany, put on a statement on their Facebook page saying they won’t be able to release their new album in 2018 as it was initially planned. Here’s what the band said:

Here are the latest news regarding the new album: due a few circumstances, we won’t be able to release it in 2018, most for the fact that we still can’t decide, if we will release it via a record company, or do it all by ourselves by launching our own label. we would looking forward to re release our first two albums worldwide plus our new one.

The new album will be named “GHOSTS” and will feature a modern and darker approach of our style in the tradition of “Enlighten The Darkness”.Really looking forward playing the songs live in 2019. We will give an update on a possible releasing date soon.

Thank you all for your interest, your dedication and faith.

Happy Holidays and a peaceful 2019

Dirk, Banx, Assy, Bernd & Boris

Photo byย Nicolas Bremm.