SOLSTICE, epic doom metal legends from the UK, shared a video earlier this week with their performance of “Cimmerian Codex” at Keep It True Festival 2019.

Amidst search for a new vocalist, Felipe Plaza KutzbachΒ of PROCESSION stepped in to handle vocals for this show, and was joined on stage byΒ Jake Rogers of VISIGOTHΒ just for this song.

You may watch the video of “Cimmerian Codex”Β feat. Felipe and Jake below:

“Cimmerian Codex” was included in SOLSTICE‘s “New Dark Age” which was released in 1998.

1. New Dark Age / The Sleeping Tyrant
2. Cimmerian Codex
3. Alchemiculte
4. Hammer of Damnation
5. The Anguine Rose
6. Blackthorne
7. The Keep
8. Cromlech
9. New Dark Age II / Legion XIII