TOBY KNAPP: New Album “Blizzard Archer” To Be Released On February 8, 2019 via Moribund Records [Audio]


TOBY KNAPP, renowned guitar virtuoso and mainman behind bands like ONWARD and NECRYTIS, signed with Moribund Records for his newest solo recording and immediately revealed his 7th full-length album, “Blizzard Archer”. The album will be released on 02/08/19.

Eager to share the splendor of his talent, Moribund Records asked Toby about his intentions with this new release; “On “Blizzard Archer” my main focus was to create a vintage sounding guitar album where the guitars sound like guitars. I wanted melodic instrumental songs that were more than a display of over the top “tough guy” brutality, because I introduced and mastered that sound decades ago on Shrapnel Records.”

The result is a carefully crafted soundscape that seems it could have been dreamed up by MALMSTEEN or BLACKMORE, but only in their most feverish strokes of triumph. TOBY KNAPP has a style all his own, filled with melodies that hearken to moments of glory and reflection, steeped in ancient themes of magic, darkness and light.

“Blizzard Archer” Cover and Track listing:

Toby Knapp - Blizzard Archer

1. All Hands Planted
2. Midnight in Guyana
3. 13 Astral Gateways
4. Cold Warrior
5. The Eye of Providence
6. Bear 141
7. Blizzard Archer
8. To the Pavilion

In closing his comment, TOBY KNAPP states, “this album is for those who love 80’s era guitar and album production. The musical inspiration was everyone from George Lynch to Yngwie Malmsteen to Loudness’s Akira Takasaki. That is the sound I was shooting for, a time capsule.”

TOBY KNAPP has recorded albums with ONWARD, WAXEN, WHERE EVIL FOLLOWS, NECRYTIS, AFFLIKTOR and DARKEN, is a full time guitar teacher, as well as session studio and live musician for many world class national artists including ATTILA CSIHAR (MAYHEM), GODLESS RISING, FETID ZOMBIE, ABHOR & more.

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