WOTAN: Italian Epic Metallers To Release Long-awaited album “The Song Of The Nibelungs” via Rafchild Records


Rafchild Records issued the following statement on their Facebook page:

Rafchild Records and WOTAN are proud to announce that they have joined forces to release the long-awaited new album of the italian masters of epic metal this autumn. Fans can expect an opus of truly epic proportions, based on the medieval legend of the Nibelungs.

Prepare for “The Song Of The Nibelungs”, a double album with 18 full songs. An exact release date as well as cover, tracklist and info about pre-orders will be announced soon but fans can expect to hear and buy the new music at this year’s Riddle Of Steel festival in Marburg, Germany on the 7th of December their first show in Germany in many a year and a fittingly epic setting for their return.