Adramelch - Lights From Oblivion

ADRAMELCH - Lights From Oblivion

Label: Pure Prog Records
Released Year: 2012
Type: Full-length


  1. Lights
  2. Aelegia
  3. Islands of Madness
  4. Truth Lies...
  5. Wonderful Magician
  6. Beyond a Lifetime
  7. Tides of My Soul
  8. Chiaroscuro
  9. King (Of the Reign of Tomorrow)
  10. Pain After Pain
  11. We March, We Fail
  12. Oblivion

Adramelch from Milan, Lombardy, Italy are one of the most important bands in the Metal pantheon. Their debut “Irae Melanox” can be included without second thought among the 10 best Metal records of all time. Their return in active discography with the sophomore “Broken History” was one of those examples of a “band reunion with point and meaning”. While many bands from the 80s would reunite based on their cult status, Adramelch returned because they had one more great album to offer. Seven years after their second release, their third album is here.

It was always difficult for someone to describe Adramech’s music especially on their debut. They managed to combine many different influences from a wide musical range of music from Traditional to Progressive Metal and classical music, this musical range becomes wider on their third album as Adramelch presents a record deeply inspired by the Prog Rock of 70s.

We got twelve magnificent compositions in the well known lyrical mood of this great band. Adramelch still got the ability to deliver wonderful, complete compositions. It is obvious that the band is focusing mainly in the atmosphere of their album letting the melodies to take the listener on a magnificent trip. All the elements that we have loved from the mighty past of Adramelch are here: the characteristic vocals of Vittorio Ballerio , the outstanding lead guitar parts -the guitar playing of Fabio and Gianluca is ecstatic and outstanding-, the acoustic interludes, the melodic themes that stick in your memory and of course this mysterious, epic atmosphere.

Their music is now delivered under a -mainly- Progressive Rock prism and if you allow me a comment it was obvious that the band would follow such a direction. They have not missed even a single piece of their magical inspiration they simply choose to present their music on a more atmospheric, calm and mysterious mood. You will be really excited haring songs like “Lights”, “Aelegia”, “Island Of Madness”, `Wonderful Magician` -which is the best song of the whole album-, “We March, We Fail” and “Oblivion” .

Each and every time I listen to this record I discover new musical treasures that really excites me. This makes em think that the inspiration of this band is something phenomenal. Three records in almost 24 years and the three of them are monumental.

Do your self the favor and dive deep to this album. You will never regret it!

Adramelch are back!