LIONS PRIDE – Breaking Out (Reissue 2021)

LIONS PRIDE – Breaking Out (Reissue 2021)
Lost Realm Records
Released Year:
1. The Nighthunter2. Working Class3. A Real Friend4. The Eyes of a Lion5. Breaking Out6. Sixty-Nine7. Struggle for Live8. Let the Music Rule the World9. Lions Pride (live)10. Free Rider (live)

LIONS PRIDE was from Belgium and was active from 1983 until 1987, but the band reformed in 2018. Their only release was their debut LP, Breaking Out from Mausoleum Records in 1984, but they also have a recent live album and a new single. Here we are talking about the re-issue of Breaking Out by Lost Realm Records which comes in the format of CD along with a bonus DVD.

The album even from its front cover, depicting a lion roaring, reveals its intentions. Passionate heavy metal of the 80s very close to the feeling of HEAVY LOAD or SCAVENGER and similar bands of that era. Epic feeling is mixed with NWOBHM melodies creating a classic album of the 80s.  But besides the amazing music, the vocals of Willy Beckers worth a special mention on their own; we are talking about a great, steady, deep and powerful heavy metal voice somewhere between Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet and Jeff Scott Soto which makes the bands’ songs even more epic and heavy.

This new re-reissue contains the 8 songs of the original album, plus two live versions of “Lions Pride” and “Free Rider”. The 8 songs have everything that an 80s heavy metal fan likes to listen to; crystal clear guitars, chilling riffs and solos, dynamic vocals but most of all epic heavy metal melodies. All the albums’ tracks are great, with “Working Class”, “Breaking Out” and “The Eyes of a Lion” being amongst the best heavy metal moments of the 80s. But the biggest surprise of this re-issue is the live songs we mentioned before.  “Lions Pride” is one of the best songs that the band ever wrote, and the fans will adore it, since it wasn’t in the original LP. The same holds for “Free Rider” which is quite speedy but with amazing IRON MAIDEN like-melodies.

Breaking Out is a fantastic album truly captivating the essence of heavy metal in the 80s. If someone is a fan of the so-called First Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal and NWOBHM, he most likely already knows LIONS PRIDE and how good the album is. For the rest, this new re-release is a great chance to meet and learn about a legendary album and one of the greatest Belgian heavy metal bands.

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