DEELER – In Distant Mirrors

DEELER – In Distant Mirrors
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1. CD1: The Dreaming2. Awakening In Me3. Voice In The Desert4. T.P.E.5. Transgressions6. One Small Voice7. Wild Cards 28. Darkfall 20229. Alien Veterinarian10. R.I.P.11. Secret Exodus (Raw)12. Robbery On The High Seas13. Alternate Darkfall Intro14. Pre-Drum Acoustic15. CD2: Back From The Storm / Deeler16. Burning Horizons17. 227/Jay's Drum Solo18. Persecution!19. Take Command20. The Pain Of Looking Back21. Wild Cards 122. Angel Of Death23. Deeler (Original Version)24. Ghosts At Creighton Abbey (Live)25. The Reaper Of Time (Live)

DEELER from St. Louis, Missouri USA. An old magical, mysterious story… Or should I say a real jewel? Well, well let me explain…

The band actually started in late 1986. Their life was sort but they released some amazing music. Their debut “Deeler” LP tape was released back in 1989 only in 700 copies. “Awakening in Me” , the second LP tape followed five years later (1994). Only 600 copies were made.

Musically DEELER deliver amazing Prog / Power Metal with a serious, Epic touch.

They actually follow the mystical vibe of early FATES WARNINGGARGOYLEMYSTIC FORCE and LONGINGS PAST. Complex yet magnificent riffing, heavenly vocal melodies and fantastic lead guitar parts, all these combined with first class songwriting.

Arkeyn Steel Records presents the complete Deeler catalog on a double CD including not only the original releases remastered from scratch but lots of unreleased material as bonus.

The first CD includes the “Awakening in Me” release. The very characteristic shinny guitar themes, catchy yet complex, are the main feature in here. The double vocal melodies are fantastic and will catch you on the spot.

Opener “The Dreaming” will shine in all its glory after a mystical bass / keyboards / voices / sounds interlude.  It is this acoustic main theme that I consider as the song’s real top moment. The song then evolves and some more exciting riffs  come to the foreground together with some astonishing lead guitar parts.

Voice in the Desert” is another great example of Deeler’s talent. Amazing composition. How I will describe it in a few words? Well like MYSTIC FORCE –“Take Command” era on steroids under a pounding but melodic vibe.

You will be able to listen to some melancholic clean guitar parts in here. There are times in which such a theme is becoming the basis of a song, like for example in the case of the excellent “Transgressions” track.

One Small Voice” tune with its amazing acoustic interlude, its complex structure, its amazing riffing and those magnificent leads is one of best songs that Deller have actually recorded. Yes, Deeler have their own “One Small Voice” hymn as well (what do you mean who else got a song with such a title?). Pay some more attention to the acoustic main parts of this one and you will discover a mysterious LONGING’S PAST (“Meadows of Maseilya” era). Oh lord, this track is a masterpiece!

Second CD includes the debut “Deeler” release. Some more inspired music is included in there. For example the title track “Deeler”  that follows after the interlude  “Back From The Storm“. More double vocal melodies, more brilliant riffing and acoustic parts under an adventurous song structure. And this epic, mysterious vibe that finds a way to bless almost every single Deeler composition.

Burning Horizons” is another marvelous tune. You will once again have the chance to hear some extremely well composed riffing in this one and some enigmatic vocal melodies especially on the verses.

Persecution!” carries once again this mysterious MYSTIC FORCE -“Eternal Quest”- touch in its intro (yes I know that the track is older but the vibe is the same). Some more complexity will is generously offered with the riff that follows and then the listener will come across one more mysteriously expanded acoustic verse. And there is much more to follow… An amazing piece of epic, lyrical obscurity. A perfect composition. Ah yes, I have to point out how much I love the mysteriously nostalgic  leads on this one…

Take Command” is a little Power / Prog anthem. So yes Deeler have their own “Take Command” track as well! What do you mean who else has a song with such a title?

“The Pain Of Looking Back” is a beautiful acoustic piece, while “Wild Cards 1” carries a strangely beautiful Proggy touch, thanks to the keyboards that fill the song with their melodies and this surreal, mysteriously attractive vibe that is spread throughout the composition.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the way that DEELER arrange their songs: Adventurous structures, extensive musical themes that are combined together very wisely, acoustic parts that ,as I already pointed out, play a very important role in the overall song writing and of course this amazingly arranged riffing that sometimes strikes out of nowhere to turn a song into a masterpiece. The really inspired -and also adventurous- vocal melodies and the gorgeous lead parts, complete the puzzle. A musical puzzle that ,to my ears, sounds very special. And I will repeat it again: it is not only the elements on each and every song, it is the WAY that those elements are combined together. The final result makes me think that at the end THIS kind of music is the REAL Prog Metal.

I also got to point out how good the remastering job is . Compared to the original tapes the material in here, sounds loud and clear. Even the bonus tracks that come from raw sources, sound very good.

The reissue comes with lots of unreleased photos, complete bio and lyrics. We have a very well looked-after package that does justice to this amazing and special band.

For me “In Distant Mirrors” is one of the most important re-issues of the year. It makes the music of a very special and inspired (and unfortunately not so well known) band, available to everyone. And to me this should be the big deal of a reissue. The music.

I am speechless. I simply can not handle how amazing the music of this band is. I will not write anything more and I will simply press the play button once again to get some more of the  DEELER magic.

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