SILVER R.I.S.C – Knot Over

SILVER R.I.S.C – Knot Over
No Remorse Records
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1. Anna2. Cry No More3. Nothing For Me4. The Sinner5. Evil Waves6. Bad Person7. She Smiles To The Rainbow8. Wasted Tears9. Trapped Under The Ice

Into the silver

SILVER R.I.S.C: Every time that this particular name comes into my mind, I perform an instant flashback to a magical period when the Greek Hard Rock scene was really shining, showcasing some really important and talented bands such as DOUGLAS, RAW SILK, TRADEMARK, BEAUTY & THE BEAST and DIVORCE -to name just a few-.

“Greek Hard Rock scene? Was there such a thing going on? When and where?” I hear you asking. “Well, definitely”, I would answer. And if you still do not believe me, you’d better read the interview I have done with SILVER R.I.S.C themselves many moons ago, discussing this strange and beautiful period. “Is there STILL a Hard Rock scene going on in Greece?”, I hear some of you asking… Well that is a subject for another discussion. Now we have to review a marvelous comeback album.

The background

The band was formed back in 1989 in Athens, Greece, they recorded and released their first album “Anything She Does” on Molon Lave Records in 1993. They managed to make a strong impact in the ’90s but after a while they split.

However, the band members were strongly involved with music and never left this field. Founder Dimitris Gasparatos developed himself as one of the most inventive and skilled Greek guitarists, he is also an award-winning actor, a book writer and a music teacher.

Co-founder, guitarist Spiros Fousekis is also member of DANGER ANGEL, and FLYING MERCURY. Tony V. is one of the most sought-after Greek session drummers with great artistic presence and experience on stage and in the studio, and D.M. is a session musician who has worked as a bassist with many Greek artists of show biz and mainstream music.

The reunion

SILVER R.I.S.C reunited in 2019, once again presenting their personality on the stages of Athens. Some of those live shows have already been marked as live history. For example: Recently -May 26th, 2023- the webzine organised the Journey Through Time Live Event. A very special live night where some key members of some of the most historical Greek Hard Rock bands, joined the stage to perform their classics. Do you want to know which band was the main band that performed all those classics with each and every special guest? You guessed right, the band was SILVER R.I.S.C!

The new album

“Live shows are good, but what about new music?”. Yes I can hear your question in the air: Well, 30 years after their debut album, the new album is here! “Knot Over” its title -smart isn’t it?- and it includes 9 tracks of solid and soulful Hard Rock the way it should be played!

In this new album the band continues right where they have stopped with their debut. They are evolving and expanding their very unique hard rocking sound that made the debut so special, presenting a musical result so fresh and inspired!

On “Knot Over” we can hear 9 songs full of melody, passion and emotion. The band focuses on songwriting, highlighting each and every melody on each and every song in here.

They manage to produce an album that is meant to be played from start to finish, non stop. On an era where almost everyone is focusing on “singles”, SILVER R.I.S.C deliver an album with no fillers at all. Well now it is MY turn to ask a question: When was the last time that you enjoyed a full length in its entirety?

A remarkable mixture of the classic WHITESNAKE and VAN HALLEN sound is the overall basis of the matterial included on this release, on the top of that the band would leave many space for the magic melodic touch of bands like TEN -first period- and TYKETTOΒ and they would finalize their sound-portrait adding some of the rock ‘n’ roll vibe that can be heard on bands like CINDERELLA without forgetting to add a funly / bluesy twist on some key parts of the songs.

The most important thing that have to point about this new album is that the band still holds their recognizable sound. Yes the one that make you love the debut. So yes you will be able to shout “hey this one is SILVER R.I.S.C” man!” even if you hear one of the new songs, among a hundrend others!

Production and artwork

The album is engineered and recorded by Panos Gasparatos, Grigoris Giarelis and SILVER R.I.S.C. Mixed and mastered by Grigoris Giarelis. Produced by Grigoris Giarelis & SILVER R.I.S.C.Β Believe me, the production is doing REAL JUSTICE to the matterial of the album. This is music meant to be played loud, and the guys behind the sound board, knew it very well!

The artwork design is by George Papadopoulos, and the graphic design by Spyros Iliadis.


Once a band, always a band! This is the moto of SILVER R.I.S.C and they are following the best possibly way: By releasing an album full of soul and insparation, 30 years after their debut! One of the best Hard Rock albums for this year!






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