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1. Splinters2. Orphans3. At My Shore4. Magnets5. To Drown a King6. To Dust7. Divine8. Immortal

There are some bands that someone actually growing up with. One of those bands for me, is the longest running doom metal band from Germany, Mirror Of Deception. I Recall my self back in the mid 00’s having “Foregone” always playing on my discman (yup old times) while I was travelling amongst strangers, from town to town while pouring due to my military service. A memory I will never forget!

Well, fast forward to 2018 where MIRROR OF DECEPTION released their fifth full-length album, “The Estuary”. The fans of the band already own the album, or at least they know what to expect from a MIRROR OF DECEPTION album. Traditional Doom Metal with beautiful melodic vocal lines great riffs and melodic leads. “The Estuary” is no exception, forty Four minutes of supreme, melodic, traditional Doom Metal.

There are not many bands left out there still playing that beautiful doom metal. IF you are not familiar with Mirror of Deception I suggest you close this tab right now and proceed to youtube of wherever and take a good listen. I m pretty sure you will end up buying their albums.

From the reviewer point of view I strongly recommend “The Estuary” and the whole MIRROR OF DECEPTION back-catalogue to anyone who enjoys doom metal or good metal in general. As a metalhead, I’d really like to thank MIRROR OF DECEPTION for keeping the doom metal flame alive and allow us to listen to their beautiful music!

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