PSYCHOTIC WALTZ – Mosquito (DCD/LP Reissue 2024)

PSYCHOTIC WALTZ – Mosquito (DCD/LP Reissue 2024)
Inside Out Music
Released Year:
1. LP / CD 1 - Mosquito (Remaster 2023)2. LP / CD 1 - Lovestone Blind (Remaster 2023)3. LP / CD 1 - Haze One (Remaster 2023)4. LP / CD 1 - Shattered Sky (Remaster 2023)5. LP / CD 1 - Cold (Remaster 2023)6. LP / CD 1 - All The Voices (Remaster 2023)7. LP / CD 1 - Dancing In The Ashes (Remaster 2023)8. LP / CD 1 - Only Time (Remaster 2023)9. LP / CD 1 - Locked Down (Remaster 2023)10. LP / CD 1 - Mindsong (Remaster 2023)11. LP / CD 1 - Darkness (Remaster 2023)12. CD 2 Bonus - Mosquito (Jam Room Demo 1993)13. CD 2 Bonus - Love Stone Blind (Jam Room Demo 1993)14. CD 2 Bonus - Locked Down (Jam Room Demo 1993)15. CD 2 Bonus - Dancing In The Ashes (Jam Room Demo 1993)16. CD 2 Bonus - Haze One (Jam Room Demo 1993)17. CD 2 Bonus - Only Time (Jam Room Demo 1993)18. CD 2 Bonus - All The Voices (Jam Room Demo 1993)19. CD 2 Bonus - Cold (Jam Room Demo 1993)20. CD 2 Bonus - Shattered Sky (Jam Room Demo 1993)21. CD 2 Bonus - Mindsong (Jam Room Demo 1993)22. CD 2 Bonus - Haze One (Instrumental Outtake 1994)23. CD 2 Bonus - Mindsong (Instrumental Outtake 1994)24. CD 2 Bonus - Mosquito (Instrumental Outtake 1994)25. CD 2 Bonus - Locked Down (Instrumental Outtake 1994)26. CD 2 Bonus - All The Voices (Demo 1993)27. CD 2 Bonus - The Fallen (Demo 1993)28. CD 2 Bonus - Mindsong (Demo 1993)29. CD 2 Bonus - Watching (Demo 1993)30. CD 2 Bonus - Acoustic '91 (Outtake 1992)31. CD 2 Bonus - Brian Acoustic (Outtake 1992)32. CD 2 Bonus - Dark Idea (Outtake 1992)

After “A Social Grace” and “Into the Everflow”, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ’s third studio album, “Mosquito”, released in 1994, marked the culmination of a remarkable four-year period. Back then, in the magical ’90s, metal bands worked wonders, and even though everyone thought grunge would take all other genres by storm, many groups demonstrated an incredible creative energy with some crazy release streaks that proved otherwise.

Somewhere between 1990 and 1994, apart the Chicago Bulls’ legendary first three-peat and PSYCHOTIC WALTZ’s first three groundbreaking albums, we witnessed a lot of metal bands releasing some excellent triplets; SOLITUDE AETURNUS, MEGADETH, GAMMA RAY, RUNNING WILD, SKYCLAD, PANTERA, STRATOVARIUS, OBITUARY, TESTAMENT, DARKTHORNE, ANNIHILATOR, BOLT THROWER, MORGANA LEFAY, PARADISE LOST are some of them, and I’m sure I miss MANY other…

Oh yeah, it seems like the early ’90s were all about the power of threes!

Through that era of metal growth and development, “Mosquito” is yet another outstanding release, a triumphant testament to the band’s extraordinary talent and unyielding creativity.

And just as the Bulls dominated the basketball courts with their dream team of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, John Paxson, Horace Grant, and Bill Cartwright, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ rocked the progressive metal world with their own formidable quintet: Devon Graves (then known as Buddy Lackey) on vocals, Brian McAlpin and Dan Rock on guitars, Ward Evans on bass and Norman Leggio on drums. This stable lineup, much like the Bulls’ unbeatable roster, was a key ingredient in their success, playing a crucial role in crafting their unique sound, demonstrating a rare synergy and mutual respect that allowed them to push the boundaries of their music with each release.

Great players and artists are never content with their achievements; they are always striving for self-improvement and new heights. This ethos is evident in “Mosquito”, where PSYCHOTIC WALTZ continue to evolve their sound without losing the essence that made their earlier work so compelling. The band’s ability to balance technical complexity with emotional depth sets them apart, resembling how the Bulls balanced individual brilliance with team cohesion.

“Mosquito” may sound simpler than the band’s previous two works, perhaps it wasn’t meant to be a masterclass in progressive metal anyway, but it still blends intricate melodies, complex rhythms, and evocative lyrics. The album opens with the title track, a powerful song that immediately showcases the band’s technical prowess and ability to create an atmosphere that is both haunting and exhilarating. Throughout the album, each member shines, contributing their unique skills to create a cohesive and dynamic sound. Tracks like “Lovestone Blind” and “Shattered Sky” exemplify their commitment to musical growth, featuring intricate guitar work, innovative drumming, and emotive vocals.

The reissue of double-CD digipaks will come out with tons of rare or previously unreleased bonus material as well as expanded layouts, while only 1000 LPs will be released worldwide, in limited, gatefold, coloured editions on 180g vinyl. Instrumental outtakes, jam recordings and demos of 1993, 21 songs in total, consist the tracklist of the bonus CD of the double digipack edition. Remastering was made by Patrick W. Engel in his Temple Of Disharmony Studio, providing the best result possible – even the best team can gain from a Phil Jackson’s genius!

“Mosquito” will be re-issued by Inside Out on July 12th, on DCD and LP.

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You can pre order both DCD and limited LP here.

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