SAVAGE MASTER – Myth, Magic and Steel

SAVAGE MASTER – Myth, Magic and Steel
Shadow Kingdom Records
Released Year:
1. Myth, Magic and Steel2. The Devil's Ecstasy3. The Owl4. Flyer in the Night5. Crystal Gazer6. Lady of Steel7. High Priestess8. Far Beyond the Grave9. Warrior vs Dragon

SAVAGE MASTER are one of the newest and most prolific sensations of the retro / traditional metal scene. They were founded in 2013 and have already released two albums and two EP’s, which is great for them. Continuing their never ending hard ride into the music world, they strike with their third full-length album called “Myth, Magic and Steel”.

I you’re aware of SAVAGE MASTER then you should know were they come from both musically and aesthetically. If not, then let’s just say they come straight from the deepest vaults of the ’80s. Clad in denim and leather, heads hooded (like MENTORS) apart from the witch-y Stacey Savage, the main woman and voice of the band. And in case you are still wondering what kind of music they play, the answer is plain simple: ’80s classic heavy metal.

To set the record straight, the word “originality” doesn’t belong in their vocabulary, and frankly, I do not believe that they give a damn. Their simplistic tunes draw inspiration from both the N.W.O.B.H.M. and the early ’80s European scene, especially from bands that were part of the Mausoleum Records roster.

As I mentioned already, “Myth, Magic and Steel” is all about pure metal. It features both fast and mid-tempo songs, and comes with catchy choruses that will stick in your mind. In fact, songs like the title track, “Flyer in The Night” and “Far Beyond the Grave” are quite memorable. There’s  also some great ’70s epic moments, like some parts of the closing song “Warrior vs Dragon”, and then there’s lot of classic riffing going on as well. That said, I get the feeling that I’ve heard most of their riffs before. Finally, you will also discover some goofy occultness – eg. “High Priestess” -, under a small dose of sincere naivety, which at the end of the day, is the band’s most alluring aspect.

While the band doesn’t show exquisite musicianship, they manage to deliver some fine retro metal moments which evoke nostalgia. If I hadn’t know any better I could easily suppose that this band played along with ACID, early WARLOCK, HAVOC, D.C. LACROIX, CHAINSAW, LION’S SHARE, CROSSFIRE, WITCHFINDER GENERAL etc. I must also point that although Stacey is not the best vocalist, her discordance actually delivers a love or hate poise to the album…

To sum up, I wouldn’t say that this is the album of the year, yet it is charming, fun and easy to listen to. Enjoy…

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