PHANTOM REIGN – No Hope for the Future (Reissue 2023)

PHANTOM REIGN – No Hope for the Future (Reissue 2023)
Arkeyn Steel Records
Released Year:
1. Phantom's Reign2. She's A Living Nightmare3. Foot In The Well4. Love Is A Sweet, Sweet Thing5. Walk The Line6. What Am I Supposed To Do?7. No Hope For The Future8. I'm Wasted9. Summertime10. Concussion11. Terror In The Streets12. It's Not Over13. She's A Living Nightmare14. What Am I Supposed To Do?15. Summer Time16. Love Is A Sweet, Sweet Thing17. Concussion18. It's Not Over

Oh yes I know, I know this one rings lots of bells and whistles to the CD collectors out there. You see PHANTOM REIGN from Ingelside, Illinois, US, have privately released one of the holy grails on the CD collecting universe. I am referring to the “No Hope for the Future”, the band’s one and only full length album.

“No Hope for the Future” was pressed in 1000 copies back in 1995. An original copy is simply impossible to be found nowadays and the quest for one becomes even harder as there are bootleg versions in existence.

But there is actually some more interesting stuff going on for them prior to this 1995 key release.

PHANTOM REIGN were founded during the mid 80s and in 1991 they released in 250 copies their debut same titled demo. This demo was the band’s first attempt to record their originals.

“What kind of originals?”. I am hearing you asking. And you know what the answer to this question is where the real deal is on the PHANTOM REIGN case.

The band delivered a very special type of melodic, shadowed classic Heavy Metal that was firstly presented on their debut demo tape and was later further developed on the 1995 full length.

Dark melodies, outstanding guitar solos and a very special color on the vocal lines are piece by piece a mysterious Heavy Metal puzzle.

One thing is for sure: If you hear PHANTOM REIGN’s music once, you will be unable to forget it. It is so characteristic that it would stick into your mind forever.

There is lots of talent spread on each and every PHANTOM REIGN tune. Tunes that are shaping a reflection from the deeper corners of the darkly shaped Heavy Metal sound, to the absolute powerful explosion of straight in your face steel. Special kind of music. Special kind of band.

Arkeyn Steel Records brings for the very first time on CD both the out of print 1995 “No Hope for the Future” full length and the 1991 demo.

The remastering of Kostas Scandalis (at infinity studio on Thessaloniki – Greece), offered a remarkable sound quality to all the material included.

The original CD cover has been upgraded by Kostas Athanasoglou and on the booklet you can discover lots of never before seen photos, the complete set of lyrics and an extensive biography written by the band, bringing to the light lots of unknown information.

I know that many of you have been searching for an original copy of “No Hope for the Future” 1995 album. Now it’s the chance to grab the complete recordings catalog of the band, remastered and pack with a huge amount of photos and information. Do not miss it!


“No Hope for the Future” reissue will be released on March 24th – You can pre-order the CD here.


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