Pallbearer - Dropout


Label: Nuclear Blast
Released Year: 2018
Type: Single


  1. Dropout

I’m not a big fan of reviewing singles or EPs as most of the time there’s not enough time for me to grasp what the band (or album) is all about. However, this time I decided to make an exception after listening to PALLBEARER’s new digital single. “Dropout” was released as part of the Adult Swim Single series – to be honest I’ve never heard of these series before – and had that little something that puts you in the zone.

The band has come a long way since its formation back in 2010 and this is being reflected on their music throughout time. I dare to say I was blown away by their 2012 debut album, “Sorrow and Extinction”, and was hooked to the band’s music ever since. Their two follow-up albums, “Foundations of Burden” and “Heartless”, were more than enough to validate my initial reaction. “Dropout”, however, deviates a bit from the norm of these albums, focusing more on building soundscapes and melodies than heavy riffs. A bit different, but still good IMHO.

PALLBEARER’s music is heavy, dark, emotional and puts you in desolate places that feel familiar nonetheless. Despite being tagged as a traditional doom metal band by many, they bring more to the table than your average band of the genre.

You may listen to “Dropout” bellow: