AFTERWINTER – Paramnesia

AFTERWINTER – Paramnesia
Roxx Records
Released Year:
1. Sleeping Torment2. Left for Dead3. Losing Myself4. Connections5. Time Runs Short6. Scene: Mistaken Accusation7. A Glimpse in the Mirror8. Fall9. Imperfect Conviction10. Unveiled11. A Missing Piece12. The Final Message (parts 1 - 6)

What would a devout Christian detective do if she found out that the crimes which she is called to solve are identical to the violent murders she sees in her strangely vivid nightmares?

How would she deal with the murders after she discovers they are linked with a number, presented as if it is military time?

Who is the unknown serial killer that commits them and how will her faith be tested through the horrible turn of her cases?

The story of Riley Stone in the fictional city of Howeldale, California, has been revealed on September the 1st by the debut album of AFTERWINTER, titled “Paramnesia”, released by Roxx Records.

In this double, concept album, the 7-piece band from Greenville, Ohio, offers a majestic opus of impressive musicianship and great creativity. Inspiration, originality and technicality surpasses every possible expectation, making “Paramnesia” one of the BEST progressive metal albums that this year has given us so far.

Meeting the standards of a METAL OPERA, “Paramnesia” is full of twists and turns, yet not making it hard to follow the plot, offering musical diversity that’s only stunning and not at all tiring.

Dan Nealeigh (bass) and Eli Closson (drums) build up an expressive rhythm section, setting the perfect foundation for James Riggs (rhythm guitar) and Luke Nealeigh (lead guitar) in order to present some astonishingly good work. Sam Nealeigh on keyboards is excellent while Majenica Nealeigh share co-lead vocals along with Jerry Grazioso in the roles of fictional sister and brother Riley and Thomas Stone.

“Paramnesia” is both elaborate and lyrical, melodic and powerful – some of the thrash-speed guitar play can be explained as five of AFTERWINTER’s members play also in BIOGENESIS. The album brings in mind some of the glorious 90’s-era progsters, the likes of DREAM THEATRE and THRESHOLD, while certain grooviness reminded me even of NEVERMORE. Having mentioned these metal monsters I must inevitably admit that AFTERWINTER’s vulnerability is that they lack some distinctive vocal performance. It’s not a matter of efficiency but of interpretation. The vocals are not overall bad but they aren’t strong enough and although narrative they aren’t theatrical so they miss the chance to increase even higher the value of the album.

Other than that, AFTERWINTER brought out a monumental debut, reaching almost 2-hours of duration; closing track, “The Final Message”, is by itself 35-minutes long, an amazing epilogue in six parts.

There’s no point in describing every song separately. This is a concept album that really needs to be heard as a whole – I strongly suggest that you do so.

Last warning: you MUST not miss this one, especially if you like prog metal. I tried to convince you and I really hope that I did.

At least, I won’t be the one to blame if this underground treasure goes unnoticed…

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