PYRAMID – Gold Tooth

PYRAMID – Gold Tooth
Released Year:
1. Calling2. Following the Road3. Driven4. Waters of Fire5. Gold Tooth6. Brimstone7. Celestial8. Man9. Tyranny

One of the most amazing Prog Metal albums I have heard recently, comes from straight from New York and it is no other than the second “Gold Tooth” release by PYRAMID.

The band is around since 2017 and they have actually released another also -“Mi Rage” is its title and I would put on the list of worth checking debuts-. PYRAMID fulfills the artistic vision of the bassist Lance Sawyer who composes and arranges everything in here, however he have managed to gather a bunch of great musicians around the project. For example Chris Quirarte from REDEMPTION is doing all the drumming in here, while Denny Anthony (SIGNS Of REIGN, VERITAS, ABANDONED FATE), takes care of all the vocal duties (and man he is doing it really well). Finally Adam Bentley and Joey Izo -both from ARCH ECHO) are completing the puzzle on guitars and keyboards.

Musically the album is an amazing combination of material that would bring into your mind the “Images and Words” period of DREAM THEATER, the early -and most melodic days of SYMPHONY X and the overall shining of RUSH -which is Sawyer’s favorite band and biggest influence-.

The most interesting feature of this album is the actual songwriting. We got 9 compositions that flows smoothly on ears and head.

You may ask me about the record’s top features. And I would refer to the very well arranged vocal melodies -actually I can point this album as the top singing moment for Anthony who has done a fantastic job in here-. I would also point the very extensive but still very into the point song structures -key feature for a Prog release IMO- and of course the amazing lead guitar and keyboard parts.

The album is very well produced and the overall sound does justice to the material. Well what else can I say? Nothing, I would just repeat myself pointing that this is one of the most amazing Prog Metal releases I have heard recently. Go out there and get the record if you are in the mood for some first class Prog Metal.


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