Reflection - Odyssey


Label: Secret Port Records
Released Year: 2003
Type: Full-length


  1. The Adventure Begins
  2. The Forbidden Seed
  3. Cyclops
  4. Αιολοs (Aeolos)
  5. Giants (Lestrygon's Land)
  6. The Sorceress
  7. Journey to the Other Side
  8. Σειρηνεs (Sirens)
  9. Between Bitch and Charibdis
  10. Slaughter in the Island of the sun
  11. Kalypso
  12. Beware of the Night
  13. Who Will Dare to Bend the Bow
  14. The Return of the King
  15. Εξοδιο

REFLECTION is one of my favorite Greek heavy/epic metal bands. I have been following the band’s career almost since the very first “Sire of the Storm” 7″ release and I firmly believe these guys deserve worldwide fame. The “Odyssey” album simply confirms that belief of mine. There is no doubt that this is one of the top 5 Greek heavy metal albums of all time (with no sense of exaggeration at all), destined to become a classic and once you get a taste of the band?s music you will feel the same.

In “Odyssey”, the band has managed to create the ultimate mythological concept album about Ulysses and his adventures. The key parts of the Ulysses story are unraveled in a magnificent way, both in terms of lyrics and music. The songs are as epic as they can get with the music being very heavy but melodic as well, enriched by pompous narrations. The guys shift from doom to power (and vice versa) with ease, getting to the very bottom of each story’s feeling and atmosphere. REFLECTION can be categorized as an epic power metal band but not in the common European fashion, since it has clearly adopted some neoclassical elements and an old fashioned American metal touch. Large part of the credit goes to the guitar work of sole songwriter Stathis Pavlandis, not the boring virtuoso kind but the type of guitarist that performs with loads of feeling and passion.

Albums with the quality and class of “Odyssey” are very hard to come by these days so no real heavy metal fan should miss this treasure.